Mumbai Collective 2019
Dear friends,

The Mumbai Collective was established in 2016 by a group of us living in Mumbai who were concerned that the ideals of freedom, pluralism, inclusion and tolerance, as secured by the Indian Constitution, were under threat in India.The first and second editions of the Mumbai Collective were held in March 2016 and December 2017 respectively at the Y. B. Chavan Centre in Mumbai.

Over the last few years, we have seen an unprecedented rise in the spread of divisive and communal ideologies. This phenomenon has also had covert and overt support from the central government and a set of state governments. Mob lynching and vigilante attacks on Dalits and minorities continue with horrifying frequency and seeming impunity. Science and rationality continue to be under threat, as ministers and administrators make fanciful and irresponsible claims about technological achievements in ancient India. Activists raising their voice against injustices have been targeted, framed and wrongfully detained.

In the past year, we were exposed to the systematic erosion of institutional structures that are the bedrock of our democracy, be it the Supreme Court of India, the Election Commission of India, the Reserve Bank of India or the National Statistical Commission. Farmers across the country marched against the callous attitude and inaction of the government. Whenever the judiciary has risen in support of women’s constitutional rights and freedoms, reactionary forces have unleashed their divisive tentacles. The protests against the Supreme Court’s rulings on the Sabarimala temple and triple talaq are cases in point.

The alarming turn of events that continue in the country has inspired us to convene a third edition of the Mumbai Collective, to be held on the 10th of March 2019, Sunday. The venue would be the Y. B. Chavan Centre in Mumbai. At the proposed Collective, we wish to bring together like-minded people living in Mumbai so that they could hold hands together in solidarity with the struggles to protect the basic rights and liberties enshrined in the Indian constitution. We wish that the Collective be a platform to reiterate our commitment to uphold the syncretic traditions of our culture and democracy.

Like the previous editions, we plan to have a combination of panel discussions, talks and various cultural expressions of harmony, solidarity and protest including music, poetry, paintings and theatrical performances.
Come, join us over a day of exciting panel discussions, talks and cultural expressions of solidarity and protest.

For the organising committee,
R. Ramakumar